Robert Heft - "Sundog"

The long awaited new album "Sundog", from Robert Heft on Angel Song Records has finally been released for 2016.
A healthy mix of rockin' Blues, shuffles, and ballads, this album contains 11 new original songs.
Robert handles the Guitars, Bass, some Keyboards, lead vocals and wrote all of the music and lyrics for this album.
The album also features Jeff Ackerman on Saxophones and Clarinet,
Chris Cooke, Roger Reid, Paul Sinacore, and Milo Todesco on Drums,
Kurt Fries
and Derek Silverman on Keyboards, E. Zane Wood on Bass, Dallas Hodge on Lead Guitar, and Susan Rey on Vocals and Percussion.




Bottom Of The Blues

Robert Heft - "Bottom Of The Blues"

"Bottom Of The Blues" on Angel Song Records.
A fresh stew of Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll and Rockabilly, this record is now receiving international airplay on many internet radio stations and podcasts.

With all music written and performed by Robert Heft, The album also features Kurt Fries and
Derek Silverman
on Keyboards, Bill Ruffino on Bass, Jeff Ackerman on Sax, Flute, and Clarinet,
Rob Man on Drums and Percussion, and Susan Rey on Vocals. Artwork is by Jeffrey Heft.



Keep On Movin'

Robert Heft - "Keep On Movin'"

All original music from Robert Heft, Angel Song Records recording artist. This album is also available on iTunes. A wonderful mix of Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, and R&R. Also featuring special guests: Kurt Fries on Keyboards, Rob Man on Drums, JD Bernal on Harp, Jeff Ackerman on saxophones, Milo Todesco on Percussion, and the guitar wizardry of Jere Mendelsohn, Danny Ciarfalia, and Howard Yearwood.





Suburban Blues

Robert Heft - "Suburban Blues"

An album of Classic Blues from Robert Heft, 2007.
Robert Heft
on Guitars, Vocals, and Harmonica
Jon Gold on Keyboards,
Milo Todesco
on Drums,
and E. Zane Wood on Bass.

Twelve Classics and one original tune clock
this album in at over an hour. Lots of music on this record, particularly slide and lead guitars.

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