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This page is for any Southern California local musicians who wish to be listed with their contact information.

To email your referral info:
Please include your name, city, instrument/voice, music style(s), phone, email, and web site.


Guitar Bass Drums
Keyboards Fiddle Vocals
Pedal Steel Sax Producers


Robert Heft - Sherwood Forest, CA (L.A.)
- Specialty: Blues, Country, Rock and Roll. Plays most styles (no Jazz) - Electric, Acoustic, Lead, Slide, B-Bender, Pedal Steel, Vocals, Reads, Writes,  Sessions or live work. Producer with complete digital studio. Cell# 818-400-6294, Web:, E-mail:

Dan Ciarfalia - Inland Valley, CA - Hot Country and R&B Guitar, vocal ability, Studio/live performance. Ph# 818.281.8180,

Vern Monnett - CA
- Smokin' Country Guitar, Pedal Steel, and Vocals. Live or Studio. Cell# 818-400-3627, E-mail:

Mark Fly - College Station, TX - Country Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals (tenor), Songwriter, BMI Publisher, Live or Studio. Ph# 979-690-1814, Cell 903-814-6012,

Joe Campbell - Orange County, CA - Lead Guitar, Lead and Back-up Vocals. Rock, Blues, Country, R&B, Jazz. Live or Studio. Gear and Transportation.
Cell 714-724-2709, E-mail:

John Arevalo - Seaside, OR - Guitarist. Blues and Classic Rock. Very experienced. Some Vocals. Live or Studio. Produces. Ph# 760-591-9171, E-mail:, Hear my music:

Howard Yearwood - Nashville, TN - Live/Studio, Hot Country Lead, Fingerstyle, Blugrass, Blues, Rock, etc. Baritone and 6 String Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, B-Bender Tele, Lap Steel and Dobro. Live/Studio, Record Producer. Cell# 615-495-3392,

Al Bonhomme - Canoga Pk, CA - Lead and Rhythm Guitar. Lead and Backup Vocals. Country, Pop, R&R, R&B, Jazz, Acoustic Fingerpicking. Sight reads. Ph# 818-887-6196,
Cell# 818-585-5374, E-mail:

Bob Gothar - Azusa, CA - Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals. Excellent in all styles. Live, Studio, Road. Ph# 626-334-2422, Cell# 626-354-2422

John Groover McDuffie - Silverlake, CA - Guitar, slide guitar, pedal & lap steel, dobro, vocals, bass, mandolin, producer & engineer with studio. Highly versatile, excellent reader and chart writer Cell: 323-839-9230, E-mail:

Rocky Jackson - Santa Clarita, CA - Lead Guitar, acoustic guitar, electric lap steel and bottleneck.Lead Vocals. Blues, R&B and Rock. Ph# 661-298-8445,

Ryan Somerville - Orange County, CA - Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Vocals.  Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Contemporary Christian. B-Bender, Telecasters, Stratocaster. Strong backup vocals, and lead vocals as well.  Ph#  714-496-6208, E-mail:

Brett Hansen - Fullerton, CA - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Sax, Keyboards. Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Electronic Music, and some light Jazz. Sight Read Chord Charts Very Well. Live or Studio. Sound System and Pro Tools Studio. Ph#: 714-447-9323, Web Site:

Stanley T. -  Anaheim Hills, CA
- Lead, rhythm, slide guitar, Lead and backing vocals. Country, Rock, Blues, 60's, Contemporary Christian. Reads chord charts and Nashville Number System.  Willing to drive for right situation. Great sub. Ph# 714-921-4660

Dale Wilson -
Lake Hughes , CA - Lead Guitar. Cell: 208-639-9998, E-mail:, Web:

Vince Sexton - San Diego, CA - Guitarist. Specialty, Country, Chicken pickin, slide, pedal steel licks. Lead and harmony vocals. Phone: 760-747-1978, Cell 760-301-4143.

Cliff Burr - Santa Clarita, CA - Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals (real! strong vocals). Prefer local gigs doing Oldies, Country, Classic Rock to Current Hits.  Working song list of about 130 tunes.  Lead vocals can front band. Ph# 661-252-2745, Cell: 661-373-6371, E-mail:

Byron Fry - Sylmar, CA - Guitar, Vocal, Bass, Arranger, Producer. Album, TV, and movie credits in all styles. Reads, write charts. Available for scoring, arranging, pre-production, producing, short road stuff, bio available on request. Ph# 818-248-4876, E-mail:

Art Holland - Tustin, CA - Country and Rock Guitar, Lead/Backup Vocals, Mandolin and Bottleneck Slide Guitar. Live, Studio, or Road work. Ph# 714-336-2253, Cell: 714-336-2253,
Fax: 714-464-4233, E-mail:, Web Site:

Jere Mendelsohn - Los Angeles, CA - Lead/Rhythm/Electric/Acoustic; Extensive touring, performing and recording experience in all styles. Assertive and melodic Tele, Les Paul, Gretsch and other classic tones. Read/write charts, sing lead and harmony, write music and lyrics, travel-ready. Ph# 818-522-1172, Web Site:, E-mail:

Steve Beasley - Sherwood Forest, CA - Lead Guitar and Bass . 25 years pro experience. Classic rock and country. Excellent harmony singer. Prompt, courteous, dependable. Can sing lead if desired. Ph# 818-727-7658, E-mail:

Bill Horn - Canyon Country, CA - Elec & Aco Guitars,Vocals, B-Bender, Bottleneck Slide, Rickenbacker 12, Dobro, Mandolin, CCMA Lead Guitar Player of 1997.Live-studio-road ready. Excellent in all styles. 12 years at Disneyland. Now in 3 tributes (see website) Ph# 818-487-9676, Web Site:, E-mail:

Barbara Leoni - Santa Clarita, CA - Guitar, vocals. Blues, R&B, Oldies, Classic Rock. Cell 661-300-1609, Email:

Dusty Walseth - Whittier, CA - Top Notch Guitarist versed in all styles of music. Also pro guitar tech. I install B benders that work and are affordable from $400.00 to $600.00 installed. Ph# 1-805-208-9818, E-mail:

Joe Caccavo - Santa Monica, CA - Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, vox. Lead/rhythm guitars, lead/back-up vox, read/write charts, band leader/writer available for live perfrmance, studio, and lessons. Ph# (310) 453-1468, (310) 633-4021, E-mail:

Roby Duron - Lake Hughes, CA - Guitar. I play a general mix of blues, country and rock style guitar playing. I still have a youthful look and front my own band. I can read basic charts and my forte is live performance. Video available. Website:, Ph# 818-904-2802, E-mail:

Hugh Cline - Long Beach, CA - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin. Strong backup singer, Country, Pop, Rock, available live and studio. Ph# 818-231-8569, E-mail:, Website:

Jackson Allen - Altadena, CA - Guitar. Blues, Country, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop... whatever. Will learn material quickly. Reading, writing, live, studio. I like to play. Ph# 707- 849-4312,

Greg Erba - Lake Hughes, CA - Guitar, Vocalist, Composer. Experienced in many styles including Rockabilly, Surf, Jazz, Blues, Outlaw Country, & Classic Rock. Very experienced on the country and classic rock circuit. Currently the lead guitarist in Coldwater Canyon, and have worked with many SoCal country, roots, blues & rockabilly artists. Open to touring... many years experience on the road. Passport ready for overseas. Cell: (323)385-6184, Website:, Email:

Brian Curtis - Austin, TX - Vocals, Lead Guitar. Country/Classic Rock/Oldies. Live or Studio. E-mail:, Web Site:

Tim Kobza - Glendale, CA - Electric Guitar, Steel string, 12 string, Nylon String, Jazz Box, Churango, Baritone Guitar, Uke, Bass, Quatro, Slide guitar. Faculty member USC Studio-Jazz Guitar Department: Session Player, Live gigs, Casuals. Producer, Composer and Songwriter. Ph# (818 )209-9876, E-mail:

Travis Raab - Hollywood, CA - Country, Blues, Jazz, Slide, Fingerstyle, R&R, R&B. Sings and Sight Reads.Ph# (323) 474-2124, Web:,

Barry Dubin - Sylmar, CA - Lead & Rhythm Guitar. Blues, R&B, Funk, Some Jazz,Country, Vocal Ability, Melodic tasty Playing, Telecaster, Stratocaster. Ph# 818-426-8264 cell,

Andy Roth - North Hills, CA - Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Bass Guitar - Most styles with an emphasis in Classic Rock and Blues, Country, Irish, Great American Songbook, Electric and Acoustic, Lead and Backup Vocals. Trade Show Experience. Travel okay. (Cell) 818-321-7747, E-mail:

Rich Valpey - Mojave, CA - Guitar. Country, Country Rock, Rock, 60's 70's 80's etc. Lead and rhythm guitar. Lead and Backup harmony vocals.Use high end equipment. Also have Yamaha Motif keyboard for occasional music. Have gig will travel for right price. Must be at least semi-pro. Ph# 661-370-5508, E-mail:

Dennis McKee - Simi Valley, CA - Guitar. Stone cold ass kickin blues, classic rock, R&B and dabble in funky jazz / fusion. Lead and backing vocals. Many years of stage and studio experience. Cell - 805-587-3019, E-mail:

Val Rael - Palmdale, CA - Guitar. Play all styles blues, R&R Oldies, Classic, Country. 30 yrs exp.with blues artists from Lowell Folsom to Guitar Shorty. Ph# 661-803-5802
Cell, 661-285-3504 Home. Email:

Chris Cornelius - Santa Clarita, CA - Guitar, Vocals, Hand Drums, Percussion. Electric & Acoustic guitars, Vocals, Percussion, Producer, Songwriter. Can play most styles: Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, World. Lead guitars, Acoustic, 12 string. Strong vocals (lead & harmony). Can front the band. Also plays djembe, bongos, wood flutes. Reads charts and has a great ear. Available for live gigs and studio sessions. Ph# 661-473-5138 cell# 661-857-4900, Web:, E-mail:

Randy Volin - Studio City, CA - Guitar. Player to the SONG, strong rhythm, strong solo, team player,eager to please, from Albert King to Keef, and in between...Ph# 818 745 7033,
Cell 248 420 8499, Web:, E-mail:

Sherman Allen - Santa Fe, NM - Guitar/Dobro/Slide/Lap Steel. I play with a Texas accent, my main guys are Freddie King and Brian Setzer. Been hosting a blues jam in Hollywood for years, and am blessed to book studio dates a lot in Los Angeles when folks need a more straight-ahead, primitive sound. Gretsch into old tube amps is where I mostly live. YouTube Cats-A-Renos to see my band. Ph# 323.494.7312, Email:

Fabiana Testa - Los Angeles, CA - Guitar. Female guitar player, electric and acoustic, versed in Rock, Country, Pop, R'n B, Jazz and fingerstyle. Sight reads. Available for both studio and live gigs. Ph# 323.347.8647, Email:

TJ Sullivan - Sunland, CA - Guitar and Vocals. Roots, Blues, Jazz. Acoustic/Electric, Slide, Mandolin. Web:, Email:

Mark Burgess - Lancaster, CA - Specialty - Rock, Blues, Country, Classical (Most styles). Electric/Acoustic, Slide, Vocals, Pedal Steel, Dobro, Bass, Excellent reader,
Writer, Producer, Project Studio. Web: Email:

Terry Medeiros - Pasadena, CA - Guitar and Vocals. Blues and Jazz. Phone: 626 825 8381, email:

Chris Cardenas - San Fernando Valley, CA - Lead and rhythm electric and acoustic guitar. Lead and harmony vocals, mandolin, and bass. Willing to travel. Rock, country, pop, progressive rock, classic rock, blues, heavy metal. Ph: 661-618-5012, E-mail:

Gino “the Blues Don” Baronelli - West Hills, CA - Guitar/Vocals. Blues, Old School R&B, Soul, Funk, Smooth Jazz. Ph# 818 674 9294, Email:

Kyle Culkin - Thousand Oaks, CA - Guitar: County, Blues, Rock, Pop...etc. Ph# (818) 425-9544

Frank Christopher - Hollywood CA - Guitar- electric and acoustic, Slide guitar, Lead or Backround vocals. Blues, Rock n Roll, Country.
Cell: 323.243.4540, Hm: 323.464.6676, Email:

Crooked Eye Tommy Marsh - Nashville, TN - Lead Guitar. Lead and backing vocals, songwriter, colaborator.
Blues, Southern Rock, Jam band, Soul. Email:, Ph# 805-625-1332

Jim Gustin - Nashville, TN
- Lead and Rhythm Guitar, lead and backing vocals, blues, rock. Live or Studio. 661 236-4382
Email:, EPK:

Noah Claunch - Bakersfield, CA - Piano, lead guitar, bass and rhythm guitar. I play any style. I Will travel and I will do my homework. Ph# 661-331-2799

'Napy' Nelson Pacheco - Palmdale,CA - Live/Studio, pro and calm team player, Instruments: Electric and acoustic guitar, Lead & Rhythm. Vocals: Lead, Harmonies. English styles: Blues, Country, Disco, Funk, R&B, Rock, Metal, Folk. Latin Styles: Cumbia, Norteña, Ranchera, Banda, Rock en Español. Other: Sound engineer and video editor.
Ph:310-462-9587, E-mail: , Web:

Clint Whitman - Castaic CA (L.A.) - Specialty: Country, Rock and Roll. Plays Many Styles/ Acoustic, Finger picking, Lead, Some Dobro and Mandolin. Song Writer and Main Performer singer with four decades under my belt. Sessions or live work. Land Line 661-702-8420 Web:, E-mail:

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Teddy Paul - Northridge, CA - Bass and Vocals, Country and Rock and Roll, Live or Studio. Songwriter. Ph# 661-618-2561, E-mail:

Rick Thibodeau - Glendale, CA - Bass and Vocals, all styles. Songwriter. Live or Studio. Rock, Country, Blues, All Styles, Studio Sessions, Local gigs or Will Travel
Cell: 818-800-6621, E-mail:, Web:

Jimmy Boatright - Mesquite, NV - Specialty: Country and Rock and Roll/Plays all styles, Lead Vocals and fronts band, also plays guitar.  Live/Studio. Ph# 818-706-1062, Mesquite, Nev. Ph# 702-346-6078

Chad Watson - L.A., CA - Country Bass, Jazz, Fretless, and Upright. Vocals. Frontman. Produces. Live or Studio. Ph# 818.968.8195, E-mail:

Paul Marshall - L.A., CA - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Producer. Has Demo Studio. Ph# 818-352-6648, E-mail:, Web Site:

Mike Baker - SFV, CA - Bass and Vocals. Country, Blues, Rock and Roll. Live or Studio. Ph# 818-592-6700, Cell# 818-395-7389, E-mail:

Dan Hughart - SFV, CA - Bass, also plays Drums. Cell 818-425-3596, E-mail:

Dave Kilner - L.A., CA - Electric and Upright Bass and Lead Vocals (high range), plays all styles. Also plays drums. Reads/Writes music, Arranges and Produces. Extensive live and studio experience. Ph# 310-459-0187, Cell 310-770-4555, E-mail:

Alexis Sklarevski - North Hollywood, CA - Electric Bass, Styles: Rock, R&B, Country, Blues, Excellent reader. Excellent gear. Lots of live and studio experience.I have recorded/toured with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, Manhattan Transfer, Carole King, Rita Coolidge and many local LA singer/songwriters. I am currently playing with the band "Venice".
Ph# 818- 989-5999, E-mail:

Maria Weir Werth -  San Diego, CA - Bass (electric & upright), Vocals. Country, Blues, Rock and Roll. Will travel.Cell# 818 521-3546,  E-mail:

Greg Hyatt - Portland, Ore  - Bass. Specialty: groove-oriented, R&B, soul, funk, rock and pop. Fretted and fretless, Vocal ability, Reads, Great sound and big ears, Sessions or live work. Ph# (503) 515-5421, E-mail:

Joel T. Johnson - L.A., CA - Bassist: Electric and Upright. Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Reads Charts/Music, Vocals. Ph#: 323-447-1906, Web Site:,

Adam Novicki -
L. A., CA - Bass (Upright and Electric). 20 years experience on the upright bass. Americana, Blues, Jump Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Bakersfield Sound, Western Swing, Swing, Jazz. Singer/Songwriter, Fair sight reader, quick study. Cell 323-708-6897, E-mail:

Pete Sadony - La Palma, CA - Solid country or groove bass player will play most anything with a melody in any key. Sing some lead otherwise a 3rd. Strong studio and co-writing capabilities. PH# 949-690-2107, E-mail:, Website:

Brian Netzley - Sherman Oaks, CA - Bass. Electric & Fretless Bass. Rock, Country, R&B, Pop & Jazz. Grooves, Reads, Easy to work with. Sessions, Live Gigs & Lessons.
Ph# 818-416-8714
. E-mail:

E. Zane Wood - Lancaster, CA - Excellent Bass. Fretless Electric Bass. Strong Lead Vocals, (can front Group), Harmony; Guitar, Country-new and classic, Country rock, Oldies, Blues, R&B, Pop, Standards, etc. Live/Studio. Reads. Professional attitude. Ph# (661) 874-4383, Web Site:, E-mail:

Jon Lamb - SFV - CA - Bass and Vocals - Country, Rock, Blues, Backing Vocals. Live/Studio. Arranging. 818-367-7989 Home/Message. 818-464-5658 Cell/Message. email: or

Tom Lawlor -
North Hollywood, CA - Electric Bass. Bassist with Pro-Sound Gear, Actively working musician in Rock, Top 40 Rock and Alternative and Top 40 Country. Club work, Casuals, In State Travel OK. Sorry, no vocals. Ph# 818-982-3095, E-mail:

Danny Leoni - Santa Clarita, CA - Bass, Lead vocal, Frontman. I've done all styles professionally (except classical). Home # (661) 256-0329, Cell (661) 300-1610, E-mail:

Monroe Conner - Tehachapi, CA - Bass. Rock solid country, southern and classic rock bass player / songwriter. Powerful lead vocals and background harmonies. Available for studio sessions, showcasing, casuals and touring. Will communte to LA for the right situation. Custom web and graphic design also available at,
Ph# 661-917-9273, E-mail:

Dave Wilson - Northridge, CA - Bass and Vocals. Have played with or opened for many A-list and well-known pros. I have extensive club experience in the L.A. area, most recently with Team Honky Tonk. Ph# (747) 888 -7231, E-mail:

Rick Reed - Los Angeles, CA - Bass. Blues, Rock and Roll. Ph# 310-560-8607. E-mail:

Bill Ruffino - Memphis, TN - Bass, Drums, Keyboards. Blues, Oldies, Classic Rock, Motown - Backing Vocals - 4 & 5 String, Fretless, reads & writes music, charts - Live and studio exp - Vintage gear. Ph# 661.299.4192, E-mail:

Ben Blakemore - Norwalk, CA - Bass/Vocals. Lead singing bass player. Classic Rock, Blues, R&B. Ph# 714.746.6682, Web:,

Vince Tividad - Encino, CA - String Bass, Electric Bass. Excellent sight reader, I can play any style from jazz to funk or big band. New Orleans musician. Vocals also, harmony and lead. Send your track and I'll send you a bass track.Ph# 323-371-0928, E-mail:

Donald Chamberlin - Chatsworth, CA - Fender Bass. I am a very soulful, expressive and competent player available for gigs in town or on the road for extended periods of time. I am also quite comfortable in the studio. I do hit the jam on Wed. nights at Club Sixty 25 in Tarzana, CA. on a regular basis. Ph# 661-618-5861, E-mail:

Jimmy Harris - Burbank, CA - Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals. Excellent Electric and Upright Bass, great lead and harmony vocals. Country, Classic R&B, Classic Rock and other styles. Ph# 818-919-2164, E-mail:

David W. Grover - Santa Clarita, CA - Upright and Electric Bass. Blues, R&B, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Classical. Background vocals. Recording Studio (including live recording), Producer, Arranger (including horns and strings), sight reader and large PA. References available. Ph# 818-209-5799 or 661 269-0787. Web:,

Joe Baiza - Bakersfield, CA - Bass. I'm a pretty busy Bassist in Bakersfield, CA. Available for studio and live dates.I Work primarily with Classic Rock and Blues. I consider myself a quick study and pretty versatile. Ph# 661-706-0095, E-mail:

Peter Freiberger - Los Angeles, CA - Bass, Pedal Steel. Country, R&B, R&R, Real Book standards, read notation and/or Nashville number charts. Toured with Diana Ross, Delbert McClinton and Jack Mack. Live performance with Streisand, Bette Midler, Ashford & Simpson, Chuck Berry. Lots of recording experience, jingles, records, film, TV, tracks for Aretha, Bobby Vinton, Sammy Davis Jr., Bonnie Raitt, Pete Anderson.Ph# 323-360-2260, E-mail:

Doug C. Bass - Los Angeles, CA - American bassist/songwriter. Specialties include Country, Rock, Alternative. Extensive touring experience and recording credits.
Text preferred 323-404-4539 or

Frank Hammer - Fillmore, CA - Bass, Lead and Backup Vocals, 50's thru 80's Classic Rock, Blues, R and B, Country Rock, and Classic Country. Infuences include, James Jamerson (Motown bassist) and Paul McCartney (Beatles). Cell (805) 421-9941, Email:

Shawn Blakely – Los Angeles, Ca – Bass & Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Rock, Country, Top 40, sub work. Cell 818-621-0693 E-Mail:

Wil Anderson - Atascadero, CA - Professional Bassist. Travels. 30 yrs exp. Blues, Country, Americana, Roots, Rock, R&B, Funk (no Jazz), willing and able to travel for gigs, touring or recording, references available, no vocal,,, Cell: 805-710-4474

Lou Castro - Lake Balboa, CA - Bassist, singer, songwriter, producer, Ph# 818-693-6985,

Wendy Hersh -Santa Clarita, CA - Electric bass/vocals, classic rock, pop, oldies, disco, big band, light jazz, R & B, country, lays down a groove, can read any kind of chart
(chords and notation) great stage personae, will travel. Ph # 661-305-6044,

Robert Conti - Ventura, CA - Bass Guitar. All Styles! Blues, Oldies, Classic Rock, R&B, Soul, Funky, Wave Jazz.
Cell 805-340-2414,,

John Denault, Torrance, CA - Bass, vocals (lead and harmonies). Blues, Rock, Heavy, Reggae. Willing to tour with National Act immediately, passport, etc. Cell (949)419-7148

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Paul Sinacore - Tujunga, CA - Pro Drums. BG Vox. 30 years live performance and recording session experience. Drummer for the Robert Heft Band and various artists in the L.A. Country/Blues/Rock circuit. Plays All Styles. Have Drums Will Travel. Cell# 626-298-3518, E-mail:

Rob Man - Sherman Oaks, CA - Plays all styles, Reads, Writes, Available for sessions and live work. Ph#: 818-787-1420, E-mail:

Roger Reid - Oxnard, CA - Acoustic and Electric Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, BG Vocals, Reads, Writes, Live and Studio Performance. Ph# 805-558-4753,

Milo Todesco - Simi Valley, CA - Drums and Complete Percussion.  Jazz, Classical, Rock, Country, and Alternative. Reads/Writes Music. Extensive National/International Touring Experience. Live or Studio. Ph# (805) 501-8929, E-mail:

Jeff Winter - Van Nuys, CA - Country and Rock Drums, Live or Studio. Ph# 818-705-0575, E-mail:, Web:

Dan Hughart - SFV, CA - Drums, also plays Bass. Cell 818-425-3596, E-mail:

Chris Cooke - L.A., CA - Drums, Vocals, Songwriter, Producer. All styles. Live or Studio. Ph# 661-723-9611, Cell: 661-992-6659, E-mail:

Tony Capko - Palmdale, CA - Drums and B/u Vocals. All Styles. Reads. Books Bands through T.C. Entertainment. Ph# 661-256-0345, 661-729-4146. E-mail:

Stanley Mitchell - New York City, NY - Drums. Pro player. Highly proficient in all popular styles except headbanger rock. Some hand percussion. Extensive live and studio experience. Emphasis on groove, time and not crashing cymbals during the dainty bits. Cell: 818-216-6804, E-mail:

John Delatore - LA/Orange County, CA - Solid Swinging Country Funk Blues Rock Drums. Acoustic and V-Drums. Live or Studio. Reliable. Ph# 714-436-1754,

Jim McCarty - Pasadena, CA - Internet-based drum recording, using classic Neve and API mic preamps, as well as AKG, Sennheiser, EV, and Shure mics. Ph# (626) 791-4255,
E-mail: , Web Site:

Stephen A. Ebner - L.A., CA - Excellent Drums. Country, Blues, Rock and Roll. Ph# 310-924-5334, 310-457-6707, E-mail:

Ed Eblen - Agoura Hills , CA - Drums / Percussion / Vocals. Country, Rock, Blues, Swing, all styles. Live/Studio. Ph# Cell 805-298-2613, E-mail:,
web site:

Michael Clarke - Los Angeles, CA - DRUMS. Rock, R&B, Jazz, etc. Reads, writes, b/u vox, major credits. New in town, ready to work. Studio, tours, local gigs. Ph#: 310 322-3083,

Robert Golden - North Hollywood, CA - Drums: Country, Blues and Rock. Ph#: 818-967-2043

Patrick Jay ("PJ") - Santa Barbara, CA - Percussion, Drums.  Bachelor's Degree in Percussion Performance, U of Redlands and USC.  All Styles.  Live or Session Work.
Ph# 805-302-9913. E-mail: Complete Bio available at

Jay Lefkowitz - Van Nuys, CA - Drums & some Guitar & Bass, Lead Vocalist. Rock, Pop, Today's Country, R & B, Classic Rock, Oldies, Blues. PH#: 818-315-2245 (Voice Mail/Pager),  818-997-8660 Home, 818-822-2949 Cell

Ben Rushing - La Verne, CA - Pro Drummer - specializing in Country/Rock/Blues/Pop. Strong backing vocals. Available for Live or Session work. Pro equipment.
Cell: (626) 437-1774 e-mail:, Website:

Jonathan Mitchell - Bel Air, CA - All styles of percussion and drums, with an emphasis on Pop, R&B, Latin, Reggae, and Worldbeat. Tenor vocals. Fully endorsed. Ph# 310-476-1025, Cell: 310-486-8918, E-mail:  Web Site

Daniel Gerass - Palmdale, CA - Drums and Vocals. Toured with Roger Daltry and Guitar Shorty. I've performed movie soundtracks and many sessions. play all styles.Ph# 661-947-4340, 310-621-5968, E-mail:

Thomas D. Strew - Reseda, CA - Drums and vocals. Old School funk, Country, and Blues. A great attitude is my motto. I also have Rehersal space and 24 track digital Studio with vintage amps. I can be ready to gig in 2hr notice. Ph# 818-344-1955, E-mail:

Patrick Scott - Sylmar, CA - Drums. Worked with members of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, BR5-49, and others. Gigged everything from soldout stadiums to local bars. Solid time keeper, great equipt. and sense of humor. Ph# 818-833-1307, Web:, E-mail:

Christian Werr - Sherman Oaks, CA - Drums. Great Sound and perfect Meter. Rock, Funk, Metal, Pop. Pit Grad '92, Played with Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, and more.Recording and live. Ph# 818-784-3550, E-mail:

Dan Vulovic - Woodland Hills, CA - Drums. Country, Pop, Rock, R&B, Live/Studio. Ph# 818-523-7096, E-mail:

Rhys Clark - Huntington Beach, CA - Drums. I have played with Billy Joel, Freddy Fender, others.Ph# 714-969-2542

Laurie Hedlund - Lancaster, CA - Drums, lead vocals and excellent harmonies, old and new country, blues, r&b, classic rock, fifties.Years of national touring experience at concerts, clubs, military bases. BMI pop children's songwriter, Solid feel player with a great sense of humor! Ph# 818-209-4675, E-mail:

Dwight Payne - Burbank, CA - Drums and Vocals. Country, Blues, Rock, Jazz, etc. Ph# 818-848-8884, Cell: 818-269-2013

Peter Dallas - Santa Monica, CA - Drums. I am a great team player and drummer. PTI grad. Great kit and attitude. Play all styles, road dog, club dog, pro situations only!! Country, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion. Have drums will travel. Ph# 760-861-5662, Web Site:, E-mail:

John Perrone - Lancaster, CA - Drums. Pro drummer with awsome double bass kit. Have played with many of So. Cals top bands and players . Have played with members of Lizzy Borden, Omen, Twist of Fate, Nowherefast, The Blame, and tons of recording and live performances world wide. Ph# 661-317-1050, E-mail:

Mitch Montrose - Los Angeles, CA - Drums, Rubboard. Second line, Funk, Jazz, Jump Blues, Shuffles, Western Swing, Cajun/Zydeco. Ph# 310-822-8491,

Ron Henderson - West Hills, CA - Drums. Proficient in most styles. Specialize in Blues, R&B, Rock. Strong groove, good w/click & odd times. Extensive recording, local, and international touring experience. Reliable. Ph# 818-999-3981, Web Site:, E-mail:

Tim Hasler - Agoura Hills, CA - Drums. Fluent in playing many styles of music. Country, Rockabilly, Blues, and Rock and Roll are my specialties. I can read, write music fluently as well. 25 years old and available for session or live work. Ph# 805-479-7803, E-mail:

Paul Goldberg - N. Hollywood, CA - Drums. Please see website for BIO (w/numerous TV, Film, Artist credits), Pics, Reviews, Endorsements, Audio samples, Testimonials, Links, ETC. Ph# 818-985-3700, Website:, E-mail:

Leslie Butts - Woodland Hills, CA - Drums. Looking for blues oriented band. Not looking to be rockstars...been there tried that....into SR Vaughn, Doyal Bramhall...Texas style blues and trad. blues. Have a good day job....have toured, recorded , played clubs...done it all. Looking to play perhaps 2-3 time a month with quality people! Ph# 818-599-2922,

George Green - Valley Village, CA - Drums. Live or Studio. All types of music. Pro player. Have V-Drum set in Pro-Tools studio for drums on your project. Ph# 818-508-5511,

Tom Harmon - Rosamond, CA - Drums, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals. 40 years Exp. Ph# 661-256-1295, E-mail:

Mike Halpern - Chatsworth, CA - Drums. 30yrs.exp.Clubs, Casuals.Country, Blues, Classic or Southern Rock, Jazz, Theatre. Fun, easy going guy. I have a place to practice.Click friendly. Ph# 818-590-3142, E-mail:

Peter Kaye - Leona Valley, CA - Drums. All styles, real solid time and a good foot. Some backup vocals. I can read a little and fake it enough to get through a night of big band charts. Ph# 661-236-7722, E-mail:

Brett Merrill - Bakersfield, CA - Drums. I have been a drummer for 30 plus years. I play classic rock, blues, country, funk, reggae. I have experienced live concerts and studio work.
Ph# 805-748-0868, E-mail:

Kim Shropshire - Bakersfield, CA - Drums. 30 years of professional experience in country, rock, blues, funk, oldies, rockabilly, raggae, etc. Average vocal abilities. Ph# 661-873-2996, E-mail:

Ricky Cosentino - Sherman Oaks, CA - Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals. I'm a singing drummer/percussionist/front-man. I've toured with Ambrosia,War, Edgar Winter, Gery Wright. Play and sing all styles from Sinatra to Stevie Wonder to AC/DC. Total pro. Ph# 818-419-6083, E-mail:

Chris Collier - Canyon Country, CA - Drums. Blues, Rock and Roll. Cell: 661-714-0248, E-mail:

Mike Zwaaf - Chatsworth, CA - Drums / Vocals. All styles. Ph# 818 430-5884, E-mail:, Web:

Tanner Byrom - Bakersfield, CA - Drums. Can travel, plays all music. Ph# 661-496-2948 http://www.bighouse, E-mail:

Nick Wells - Moreno Valley, CA - Drums. Drums/COUNTRY, Soul, Rock&Roll. Hank Penny to Hank III, Dick Dale to Jimmy Dale, Gilmore. Bakersfield to Austin. Please give me a call any and all. Ph# 951-243-7131, E-mail:

Paul Van de Riet - Glendale, CA - Drums. Specialize in Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Brazilian, Reggae, Christian Contemporary, Classical (percussion). Excellent reading ability. Studied with Steve Ferrone, Peter Erskine, & Ralph Humphrey. Available for live and studio gigs. Ph# 626-676-5020, E-mail:

Mark Allee - Nashville, TN - Drums. Numerous professional concert and television credits. Pop, Rock, Blues and Funk and is available for hire for touring bands, recording sessions and casuals. Drum Instructor in Thousand Oaks at Musicians Depot and Vic Firth Educational Endorser. Ph# 310-498-4770, E-mail:

John Medina - Los Angeles, CA - Drums & Percussion. Play all styles from Blues, Jazz, Latin, Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, to R&B. Have small kit, YAMAHA Recording Custom Drums, Roland V-Drums, LP Congas, Cajon, Zildjian cymbals, Play with dynamics, play for the song & sing harmony vocals. Ph# (323) 810-7448, Email:

Michael Davidson - Northridge, CA - Drums. Thirty-five years pro experience. Plays all styles and venues. Worked with: Maynard Ferguson, Bobby Shew, Carman, Stevie Wonder, Englebert Humperdink, Johnny Lee, Johnny Paycheck, Tony Marques, Pointer Sisters. International touring experience. Reads. Ph# (714) 293-8287, E-mail:

Greg Burnham - Burbank, CA - Drums. I play all styles and am currently playing with the 60's group The Standells. I'm looking for drumming work in recording studios, ( I can read drum charts or regular sheet music) night clubs, tours, etc. I also teach drums. I have the best equipment, attitude, and a rehearsal studio. Ph# 818-559-8750, Email:

Mark Jojola - Palmdale, CA - Drums and Vocals. Very solid and simple player. Great lead and back-up vocals. Have fronted own band for years. Good gear. Reliable.
PH# 661-903-0898, E-mail:

Rena (Rene) Beavers - Torrance-LA-Simi Valley, CA - Drums. Blues, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Country.Available for Live or Studio.I currently play with blues guitar great Coco Montoya,and also Blues singer Janiva Magness. I also can double on bass guitar and I was the bass player for blues legend Little Milton the last two years of his life. I have played with Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Chris Cain,and others. Ph# 323-497-0562, Email:

Jim Xavier - Sherman Oaks, CA - Drums / some singing and back ups. Drums all styles (rock, jazz, blues, reggae, dance, Ph# t818-482-9332, Email:,,

Dave Denering - Encino, Ca - Drums- Solid no nonsense groove pocket player. Fluent in most styles of music including rock, pop, r&b, soul, country and folk. Available for live shows, touring and recording., Cell 818 749 -3974

Toby Scarbrough - Thousand Oaks, CA - Drums/backing vocals - Country, Rock, Pop, all popular styles. Available for live and studio. Major label recording and touring experience. Phone# 917-548-6356, Email

Ken Babal - Los Feliz/Glendale, CA - Drums. All pop styles, live/studio Ph# (323) 906-8650

Danny Ritter - West Hills, CA - Drums. R and B Funk Blues. Ph# 818.288.6820. Email:

Owen Goldman - Studio City, CA - Drums/percussion: live/studio. Vocals-lead and backup. All styles. Ph# 818-744-4322, Email:

Kevin Michaels - Los Angeles, CA - Drummer, Percussionist, Producer, Writer and Arranger. Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Latin.
Drumset and hand percussion. Email:, Ph#: 213-948-4695, Web:, Web:

Miah Palmer - Hollywood, CA - Drums & percussion - 30+ years experience - gigging, studio, live TV, and touring experience - Bachelor Degree - fluent in most styles; prefer rock, funk, blues, & reggae - Quality equipment & transportation. Website: , Ph# 925-818-8900, Email:

Austin Elrod - Anaheim, CA - Drums/Keys. Country, Rock, R&B, Funk, Top 40s. Solid pocket drumming. Competent across many styles. Solid reader as well.
Ph# 502.681.5624,, Web:,


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E. Zane Wood - Lancaster, California - Excellent Bass. Strong Lead Vocals, (can front Group), Harmony; Guitar, Country-new and classic, Country rock, Oldies, Blues, R&B, Pop, Standards, etc. Live/Studio. Reads. Professional attitude. Ph# 661 -949-1229 home, 661-547-9054 cell, Web Site:, E-mail:

David Reeves Carpenter - Tehachapi, CA - Specialty: Country Vocals and Songwriting. Acoustic Rhythm Guitar. Available for sessions and live performances. Ph# Home: 661.873.8748, Ph# Cell: 661.510.8409, E-mail: Web Site:

Debra Lee Ortega (Dooba) - Van Nuys, CA - Ph# 818-986-4689

Brian Curtis - Austin, TX - Vocals, Lead Guitar. Country/Classic Rock/Oldies. Live or Studio. Cell: (512) 903-1878, E-mail:, Web Site:

Pam Loe - SFV, CA - Female Vocalist for Country and Oldies. Ph# 818-727-0968

Susan Rey - Oregon - Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar. Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Dance.
Cell: 661-713-2522, E-mail:, Web Site:

Tony Ryan - South Pasadena, CA - Lead Vocals and Lead/Rhythm Guitar. Country and Rock and Roll. Bandleader. The Tony Ryan Band. Ph# 626-403-0989,

Doug Gochman - L.A., CA - Singer/Songwriter. Specialty is Country, also R&R, Broadway/POP. Lead and Harmony Vocals. Acous. and Elec. Rhythm and Lead Guitar. Live or Studio. Ph# 310-839-5879 , Pgr 213-793-0424, E-mail:

Lee Harper - L.A., CA - Lead Vocals and Guitar, Bandleader and Frontman. Country. Best casuals in town. Live/Studio. Cell 562-201-5315 , E-mail:

Lynn Rutherford - Palm Springs, CA - Lead singer, background vocals, wide vocal range, good harmonies . Country, rock, oldies, or any other type of music, has great P.A., rhythm acoustic guitar.  Available for sessions and live performances. Ph# 805-522-0941 or  805-338-0759, E-mail:

Marie Layne - Lancaster, CA - Specialty: Country vocals and harmonizations, some alternative vocals. Songwriting and studio experience. Acoustic guitar. Available for studio sessions and live performances. Email: Web Site:

Toni Dodd - Granada Hills, CA - Lead and back-up vocals. Blues and Roots. Ph# 818 360-5724, E- mail: Web Site:

Gis Johannsson - Nashville, TN - Country Singer/songwriter, Vocals and Rhythm guitar. Studio or live, Cell: 310-922-1025,
E-mail:, Web Site:

Michael Dart - Cedar Park, TX - Lead Vocals, Frontman, Songwriter. Live or Studio. Bakersfield Honky-Tonk, Tin Pan Alley, Blues, Western Swing. Acoustic Rhythm Guitar with P.A. Baritone to Tenor vocal range. Ph# (512) 528-0226, Cell# (626) 372-1918, E-mail:

Jerry Simon - L. A. , CA - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet. Country and Oldies. Reads music/charts. Ph# 310-570-3590, E-mail:

Mary White -
Canyon Country , CA - Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Keyboards. Country/Rock. Ph# 818-508-6221, Web Site:, E-mail:

Dave "Just Dave" Bernal - Los Angeles, CA - Country vocals, classic through modern. Harmonica player for stage and studio, acoustic guitar as well. Bandleader, solo, duo/trio, or full band. Can run sound and PA. Ph: 818-987-6966, Email:, Web:

Colleen R. Novak - Castaic, CA - Singer/Lyricist. Singer available for session work, open to paying gigs. Vocal styles include but are not limited to; Rock, Pop, Country, and Blues.
Ph# 661- 294-0160, E-mail:

Christine Clark - Valencia, CA - Very Strong Lead and Harmony Vocalist. Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Rock. Studio and Live performance. Also Vocal instructor. Ph# 661-618-3838,

Moses Sparks - Burbank, CA - Vocals, bass. Pro vocalist for Blues, Soul, Funk, and Rock styles. I am currently the lead singer and bassist for the Voodoo Dawgs, but looking for other challenges, especially live performance with experienced players. Ph# 818-314-0129, web site:, E-mail:

Laura Frappier - Valencia, CA - Vocals. Professional Blues, Soul and R&B singer. Excellent pitch and execution. Live or studio. Web:, Ph# 248-259-2099, E-mail:

Randy Emmett - Bakersfield, CA - Vocals, and Rythm guitar Acoustic/Electric. I know hundereds of classic and current hit country songs. I love to perform and have fun on stage and definitely entertain the crowd both singing and talking. I have the ability to read the crowd and cater to the needs of the group. Ph# 661-345-7109,

Randy Pietro - Temecula, CA - Vocalist. Lead and backup vocals. Rhythm and Lead Guitar (Acoustic and Electric). Harmonica, Bass Guitar. Country, Classic Rock, Motown, R&B, Blues. I have great Equip. and a full PA system. I have worked professionally for over 20 years both full and part time. 7 years in the LA area with the “Stagerobbers”.
I have opened shows for Hal Ketchum, Mark Chestnut, and Trace Adkins. Voted top Male vocalist in Colorado Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2004 and 2007.
Ph# (303) 912-4311, E-mail:

Teddy Paul - Northridge, CA - Vocals and Bass, Country and Rock and Roll, Live or Studio. Songwriter. Ph# 661-618-2561, E-mail:

Laurie Martz - Thousand Oaks, CA - Lead vocalist, background vocalist, skilled in harmonization with over 25yrs experience. I also play various hand percussion and a bit of harmonica as well. Bose L1 system with bass. Available for recording and live performance. Will travel. ph# 805-358-1771, email:, website:

Sandra Nordh - Hollywood, CA - Vocalist for lead or background. Available for studio/sessions or live performance. Specialty: Modern Country/Rock & Pop.
Certificate in Vocal Performance from MI 2016. Ph# (323) 745 7233, Email:

Lightnin Willie - Los Angeles, CA -,

Allison Hawkins - Moorpark, CA - Vocalist. Lead and background vocals. Country, rock, pop, R&B, blues, some jazz/standards. Ph# 805-558-5408
Email:, Web:

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Kurt Fries - L.A., CA - Piano, Keyboards, and Vocals. Live or Studio. Ph# 805-527-6965, Cell: 805-304-3104, E-mail:

Michael Kopulos - Burbank, CA - Keyboards. Multi-keyboards. Strong lead and harmony vocals. Major touring credits and a music degree. Read and improvise well. Specialize in Jazz, Fusion, Country, R&B, and Rock. Stage, Studio, Concert, and TV. Arranging, Transcription, and Film Composition. Ph# 818-807-5397, E-mail:

Scott Honsberger - Charlottesville, VA - Piano,Keyboards. Live sound, lighting and video. Tour logistics. Pro-Tools HDX. Live or Studio. 818-585-1758 cell,

John Taylor - Lancaster, CA - Keyboards, Trumpet. Play Pop, Oldies (50s & 60s), Jazz (Real Book) and legit and jazz improv on trumpet. Toiured with the Charlie Daniels Band, 2 cruise ship contracts. Have written jazz originals for showcase band venues. Examples can be heard on my website. Website:, Ph# 661-948-2007, E-mail:

Walt Thompson - Sherman Oaks, CA - Hammond organ, piano, vocals. I enjoy playing many different styles of music. I haul the Hammond, Leslie, and Kurzweil PC-88 to every gig. I also like playing left-handed bass if the need arises. I sing lead and background. There's more info about me on the myspace page. Ph# (818)268-7259 cell, (818)906-2295 home,

McCrea Adams - Reseda, CA - Keyboards. Been playing for years - piano, organ, synths. Play most styles - roots rock, classic rock, country, blues. Played in lots of cover and original projects. Great feel. I'm also a good singer and can strum some rhythm guitar. Ph# 818-342-4131, E-mail:, web site:

Eddie Salcido - Woodland Hills, CA - Piano, Saxophone, Vocals. I have been involved with music since I was 3 years old. I began playing the piano at that age and started on the saxophone when I was 14. I am versed in the following stylings: blues, jazz, country, classic rock, and some pop. I am available for studio work and casuals. Ph# (818) 298-3979

Sharon Winer - Murrieta, CA - Keyboardss, Key Bass, Lead & Background Vocals. I'm experienced and available for fill-in gigs in SoCal or on the road. Classic Rock, Country, Oldies, Blues, Classic R&B, Rock/Pop, Standards. Web:, E-mail:, Ph# (951)-970-5723

Stan Harrison - Sunland, CA - Piano/Organ Blues/rock with a strong Jazz influence. Also, I do Keyboard repairs. Ph# (818)-970-7047. Email:

Drake "Munkihaid" Shining - Pasadena, CA - Keyboards. Hammond, Rhodes and Clavinet specialist. Single-line solo synth shredder. Rock, R&B, Blues.
Extensive recording and touring. 40+ years experience. Current touring keyboardist for the Sugaray Rayford Band. Ph: 626-817-3640.

Ilan Herman - Playa De Rey, CA - Keyboards. Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Motown. Background vocals. Write/Arrange/Produce. Ph# 916-214-7258.

Jim Blazer - Santa Clarita, CA - Hammond B3 / Piano. Ph# 661-305-3195, Email:

Mark Brown - Los Angeles, CA - Keyboards, Hammond Organ & Leslie. Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul, Country. Over 15 years of international and domestic touring. Composer, writer, arranger and music director. Primarily a B3 player with heavy blues and rock influences. I have my own remote recording business in North Hollywood tracking B3 and keys for artists around the world. Ph: 717-471-7353, email:, Web:

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Gary Howe - Edmond, OK - Fiddle, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar. Country and all styles. Live or Studio. Ph# 405-844-8335,

Luke Halpin - L.A., CA -  Fiddle/Mando player and all around nice guy. E-mail:

Michael Kelly - Long Beach, CA
- Fiddle and Violin. All styles, from Country to Classical, Blues to Bluegrass, Rock, and Jazz. Available for gigs and session work. Ph#: (562) 544-2996

Stephanie Bettman - Los Angeles, CA - Fiddle / Vocals. Play country, bluegrass, rock, Fiddle / violin - played for 27 years. Classical training. Sing lead and back up. Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Ballads, Broadway, Classical. 22 years. Can harmonize anything. Ph# 323 791-7763, Web Site:, E-mail:

Aubrey Richmond - North Hollywood, CA - Fiddle. I've played violin for almost 20 years. I sight read but also play very well by ear. I love to improvise. Styles include bluegrass, country, blues, classical, pop, anything. Live or session. I also do lead/harmony/BG vocals and play some keys/rhythm guitar. Ph# 818-738-3688, E-mail:

Trevor Lloyd - Anaheim, CA - 5-string electric violin. I play rock (hard and soft), folk, alternative, and Americana. I read as well as improvise. Ten years rock experience and ten years classical before that. Also play keys, sing backup, and acoustic violin and viola.Ph# (310) 936-9058, E-mail:

Lisa Haley - Lawndale (next to LAX), CA - Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Cajun Accordion, Washboard, Jawharp, Jug, Vocals, Yodeling. GRAMMY Nominee, "Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album."Tour and studio credits, please visit and our website for info. Ph# 310-676-4884, E-mail:

Joe Turman - Ventura, CA - Fiddle and Vocals. All styles of violin, including: Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Jazz, Swing, Rock, Mariachi, Classical and more. Vocal lead and harmony. I am easy to work with...Studio...Live...Read Charts and Sight Read. Ph# (970) 988-7026, Email:

Nat Wyner - Murrieta, CA - Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Lead & Background Vocals.Looking for fill-in work in any of the following styles: country, swing, blues, country rock, rock, r&b. I use a Viper 6-string violin--great range, can sound acoustic or shred. Quick study on harmonies; I'll learn your tunes and play like I'm part of your band. Available for live gigs or studio work anywhere.Read charts.Ph# (951) 970-4557, web site:, E-mail:


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Pedal Steel

Robert Heft - Sherwood Forest, CA (L.A.)
- Pedal Steel, Electric, Acoustic, Lead, Slide, B-Bender, Vocals, Reads, Writes,  Sessions or live work. Producer with complete digital studio.
Cell# 818-400-6294 E-mail:

John "Bubba" Gould - Tx
- Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar Cell 832-715-8050

Jay Leach - Granada Hills, CA - Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Banjo. Ph# 818-366-2206, E-mail:

Vern Monnett - Northern CA - Smokin' Country Pedal Steel, Guitar, and Vocals. Live or Studio. Ph# 661-295-3406, Cell# 818-400-3627, E-mail:

Larry Petree - Bakersfield, CA - Pedal Steel Guitar, all music styles. Specializes in old country standards. Owns "Larry Petree Music" in Bakersfield. Ph# 661-392-1544

Dave Pearlman - L.A., CA - Pedal Steel, Dobro, and Guitar. All styles including Country, Jazz, and Rock. Live or Studio. Producer, Engineer/Arranger.  24 Track Analog Studio in North Hollywood.Ph# 818-989-4549, E-mail:

John Groover McDuffie - Silverlake, CA - Pedal & lap steel, dobro, guitar, slide guitar, vocals, bass, mandolin, producer & engineer with studio. Highly versatile, excellent reader and chart writer Cell: 323-839-9230, E-mail:

Mark Tate - L.A., CA - Pedal Steel guitar and Lead vocals ( high tenor ). Tele-style lead guitar. Specialty: Country, Classic Rock, Blues, R+B. Live or studio. Have played for Major Acts.Writes ahd Produces. Ph# 626-966-7030, E-mail:

Chris Allen Burke - L.A.,CA - Pedal Steel, Elec. & acoustic Guitars, Dobro, Harmonica and Vocals. Available for projects, sessions, and professional situations. Film and video. I am an award winning songwriter and enjoy collaboration.  Ph# 562-424-2187, E-mail:

Marty Rifkin - L.A., CA - Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming. All Styles. Live or Studio. Producer with digital Studio. Ph#: (310) 314-3366,

Silver "D" - Corona, CA - Elect/Acoustic/Pedal Steel guitars. Best equipment All styles - very experienced. E-mail:

Sean Caffey - Los Angeles, CA - Pedal Steel Guitar. Available for shows/recording. Lots of touring and studio experience. Will travele. Ph# (310) 995-4103,
Web Site:, E-mail:

Bob Bernstein - Los Angeles, CA - Pedal steel, lap steel, dobro, guitar. Lots of live and recording experience. Ph# (310) 396-9398, E-mail:

Paul Halel - Laguna Hills, CA - Pedal Steel. Experienced Pedal steel player. 30 years experience.Ph# (949) 254-2548, E-mail:

Michael Johnstone - Sylmar, CA - 30+ years on pedal steel, 6-string, synth guitar, mandolin, dobro, lap steel and harm vox. West Coast Country, R&B, Blues, Rock, Western Swing. Many gig/recording credits. 30+ years exp producer/engineer. Shoot & edit broadcast quality music video. Have nice multitrack studio in Sylmar. Can gig, record, produce, travel.

(818) 364-5225, Cell (818) 943-3486, E-mail:

Allan Flaa - Camarillo, CA - Pedal Steeel Guitar. I've been playing steel for over 30 years. Member of the band :Caught Red Handed" in the Ventura area. Sing lead and back-up vocals. Double on rhythm guitar. Can play any night of the week with notice. Ph# 805-482-5235 / 805-312-5625, E-mail:

Timothy Michaels - Seattle, WA - Pedal steel E9/C6, lead guitar, nylon, flat Top, ele., vocals, bass, violin, drum set. 30 years experience.Mount View Productions, producing books on CD and instrumental music. Award winning producer, arraigner, vocalist. Ph#: 206-248-8473, Web:, E-mail:

Kelly Moore - Temecula, CA - Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro. Country, Western Swing, Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly, Folk, Pop, etc. Many years in Nashville. Played with Roy Acuff and others. Cell: 802-362-3806. Web: , Email:

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Jeff Ackerman - Santa Clarita, CA - Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Baritone Saxes. Available for live, studio, full or part time. Blues, R&B, Soul. Ph# (661) 313-5166, Email:

Jim Scimonetti -
Santa Clarita, CA - Saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone), Bass Clarinet, Clarinet & Flutes. Electric Wind Synths (EWI's) both the Akai 4000s & Yamaha WX/5. Keyboards, Vocals. Reads, improvises, and arranges parts for horns and strings. Live performance and studio work. Can tour. Blues, R&B Jazz & Funk. Recordings & videos available on my website. No drug, alcohol or ego problems. Email: Website: Phone: (661) 713-3238

Steve Sadd - Sherman Oaks, CA - Saxophones and Clarinet - Tenor, Alto, Soprano - Vocals and strong background vocals. All Styles. Lots of R&B - Jazz - Classic Rock, Blues, Standards. Studio experience. I have very fast/strong ears and am good section player. Also play bass and rhythm guitar if needed. A 32 year voting member of N.A.R.A.S. Ph# 818-981-9257, cell is 310-508-0373. Web Site:, E-mail:

Dennis Wilson - Bakersfield, CA - Tenor, Alto, & Soprano Sax. Live or Studio. Ph# (661) 871-6310 or Toll Free (877) 246-6942, E-mail:,
Web Site:

Terry White - Thousand Oaks, CA - Sax - Rhythm guitar. Strong lead and harmony vocals. Rock, country, blues, pop. Ph# 805 499-5110,

Matt West - Agoura Hills, CA - Sax alto, tenor, baritone, soprano; keyboard, flute, clarinet, percussion. All Jazz standards, and original compositions traditional, bebop, vocal, fusion, progressive, big band and swing. Ph# (818) 585-1774, E-mail:

Rachelle Romeo - Tempe, AZ - Sax. Ph# 818.605.5484 E-mail:

Steve Reed - Los Angeles, CA - Soprano, Alto,and Tenor Saxophones, Flute. Pictures, Bio and live recordings on website, Ph# 310.882.0707,

Craig Williams - Valencia, CA - Tenor sax, Alto sax, Vocals. Studio experience, good reader, big ears. Blues, r n b, funk, soul, jazz, rock.
Email:, Ph# (661) 857-3180

Pat Zicari - Chatsworth, CA - Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxes- Flute-WX5 & 7-Vocals. Experienced Arranger, Writer, Studio work. Decent reader with GREAT Ears.
Blues, RnB, Funk, Soul, Rock, Standards, ”WAVE", etc. Ph#: 909.900.5151, Email:,
Resume and Videos on:

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Brett Caplinger - Placentia, CA - Harmonica. Blues, Country, etc. 30 yrs. experience performing Stage, Studio, and teaching Chicago / Delta style Blues harp to Country clean harmonica. Currently availiable for live and studio sessions in the local LA and Orange county area. Ph# (714) 658-4056, E-mail:

Steve Johnson - Upland, CA - 5-String Banjo. Been playing the 5-string for 30 years, play a hard-driving style like that of Bill Monroe. Play lots of kinds of music but love the classic Monroe/Flatt and Scruggs sound; also compose and develop arrangements for celtic, classical, country, jazz, and popular; sing lead for bluegrass style. Ph# 909-949-8639, E-mail:

Dave "Just Dave" Bernal - Los Angeles, CA - Harmonica. Multiple sounds/tones/genres. Classic blues and country to eclectic and experimental. Dubbed "Hendrix on the Harmonica." Ph 818.987.6966, E-mail:

Dennis Lucey - Los Angeles, CA - Harmonica & Vocals. Professional harmonica player with a wide variety of styles including blues, country, rock, light jazz, folk, and new grass.
Ph# 831.247.7080, E-mail:

Peter McGowan - North Hollywood, CA - Bass Guitar, Button Accordion, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Pennywhistle, Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum), Bass Pedals(similar to Taurus pedals), Doumbek - Djembe. Ph# 818 360-1646, Email:, Website:

Terry Medeiros - Pasadena, CA - Guitar & Ukulele instructor. Musical styles taught: all inclusive for beginners, Blues & Jazz for advanced students. Phone: 626 825 8381

Joel "Powerharp" Gossman - Hollywood Hills, CA - Harmonica, sax. 20 years playing harp. Rock, Blues, Country, Rockabilly, others. Present on 14 CDs.
Very energetic. Ph# 323-397-7338, Email:

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Robert Heft - North Hills, CA (L.A.)
- Songwriters' Studio Services Producer. Specialty: Country, Blues, Rock and Roll.  Complete digital studio. Cell: 818-400-6294,

Chad Watson - L.A., CA - Producer. Mandolin, Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Frontman, Live or Studio. Ph# 818-993-8047, E-mail:

Dave Pearlman - L.A., CA - Producer, Engineer/Arranger.  24 Track Analog Studio in North Hollywood. Pedal Steel, Dobro, and Guitar. All styles including Country, Jazz, and Rock. Live or Studio. Ph# 818-989-4549, E-mail:

Vern Monnett - Northern CA - Producer/Engineer with Hard Disk Studio, Smokin' Country Guitar, Pedal Steel, and Vocals. Live or Studio. Ph# 661-295-3406, Cell# 818-400-3627,

Chris Cooke - Hillside Studios
- Base Rate is $30.00 per hour but I am open to working with any budget or flat rates. Running Pro - Tools TDM system. On site Drummer as well as access to other top players, Guitar, Bass, Pedal Steel, Keyboards, Fiddle, Vocalists etc. if needed. Ph#: (661) 723-9611, Cell: (661) 992-6659, Web:

Marty Rifkin - L.A., CA - Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming. All Styles. Live or Studio. Producer with digital Studio. Ph#: 310-314-3366,

Mary White - Santa Clarita, CA - Producer. Specializing in Country. Currently producing all styles of music from Rap to Opera.
Ph# 818-508-6221, Web Site:,

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Instrument Repair and Service

Robert Heft - Northridge, CA - Repairs and set-ups for Guitar and Bass. Quailty work quickly at a reasonable price. Ph# 818-400-6294, E-mail:

Pat Wilkins/Wilkins Guitars - Van Nuys, CA - Repairs, refinishes, custom guitars and basses. 30 years in the business. I started my career in the music instrument business in 1977 at Schecter Guitars, Van Nuys Ca as an original employee. Opened Wilkins Guitars is 1984.I finish guitars and basses for many of the high end boutique builders in the USA.
Ph# 818-909-7310, E-mails:,, Web:

Dave Neufeld - Bakersfield, CA - Dave's Guitar Shop - Guitar repair in Bakersfield and the southern San Joaquin Valley. Set-ups, electronics, repairs, etc. 20 Years in the business. Honest. Free Estimates. Resonable rates and quick returns. Ph# (661) 979-1895, E-mail:, Web:

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